Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4T Summary

Teachers touch lives

In my first assignment I viewed Jenny Luca's blog post Talking plagiarism with students I felt while reading this post I was not only learning but I found myself agreeing with all of the thoughts being expressed. Providing students with the knowledge before giving them an assignment I feel can reduce the likelihood of plagiarism taking place. In this post the importance of teaching a child ethical behavior is discussed, I feel that this is a quality all children should possess and be informed about. Ethical behavior not only helps a child succeed in the classroom but also in the outside world of everyday life. I was very glad I explored this page and found this post, I was extremely interested in all of the topics being discussed.

My second post Is community the new business model? I strongly enjoyed learing about Jenny Luca's views on this topic. The impact of social media on businesses today is very interesting to me. I was very bummed that I could not view Jenny Luca's actual presentation, but reading about her feelings was almost just as good. I agree with her thoughts of educators not only reacting to student's lives inside the classroom but outside as well. Jenny Luca inspired me in more ways than one in my future career as an educator. I will keep up with her blog and read many of her posts.

Teaching is a gift

C4K Summary

Kids learn from each other

C4K #9: I was assigned to a young boy named Mike's page. Mike was much older than all of the other students I have previously been assigned to. He is very smart. Mike explained and expressed the importance in which he felt in finding which learning style works best for you personally. I truly enjoyed reading Mike's blog post and exploring his page. He is a very intelligent young man!

C4K #10: Viewing Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog was truly inspiring. She has great ideas and ways to address information to her students and their parents in a fun and interesting way. She keeps her blog up to date with relevant and important information for all viewers. My assigned post for this week was awesome. I got to learn about Mathletics. It is a fantastic activity for students to participate in. This tool helps children learn the material being taught in a fun, exciting way. It also teaches social communication skills between students and adults.

C4K #11: For this assignment I viewed Nathan's blog from the 5th grade. Nathan expressed his feelings very in detail of how much he enjoyed his teachers participating and dressing up for the Immersion Assembly. I expressed to him how great I also feel it is to hear about his teachers taking such joy and excitement to the assembly and participating. Nathan's blog made me realize as a future educator, I must be excited about my lessons in which I am teaching in order to gain my students interest. Nathan also had a project about while learning the planets someone made up a rap to add a fun twist to the learning experience. I learned a lot from Nathan's blog post.

Children help us learn

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Post 14

Helpful Tips

After viewing Jose Picardo's educational blog, I truly enjoyed the entire thing. I feel that the Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom are not only useful and helpful to me now as a student but will be extremely helpful when I am an actual classroom teacher. Picardo's suggestions of streaming video's I feel can help gain interest of the students. The music tip is great, all kids young and old love music; Finding ways to incorporate this in your teaching could make a great difference. Getting to know your students is an important factor, finding out what interests them so you can incorporate it into your teaching to help them be successful.

I was not familiar with creating your own interactive exercises, I really enjoyed learning about this. Finding ways to better fit your students personal needs can increase success in the classroom. I also feel that in order for the white board to be affective you must know how to use it properly. Podcasts are a great way for students with remedial differences, it along with blogs are great in the fact of allowing students to access material from home! Social networks help students communicate on another level. All of these tips I feel are extremely helpful, I will remember them and one day incorporate them into my future classroom!

Teachers are great

Final Project 16