Friday, September 30, 2011

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The Network Student By: Wendy Drexler
I personally feel that an online class can be affective for students, but I also think it can only allow students to gain knowledge is they are provided with great instructions, sources, and even a textbook for backup. I feel that Wendy Drexler's ideas are great, but I also think that this method should also provide alternate sources of learning for students as well. It is great allowing children to search the web personally to find sources and pages relevant to the topic being discussed but I also think that some guidance and rules one on one should be provided.

I feel that providing guidelines, rules, or instructions may help those children who like myself would sit down in front of the computer and say to themselves, "Great, where do I begin?" Allowing the children to communication together combining their thoughts and ideas is great but I think should be modified and corrected when they are straying off topic. Having instruction personally from a teacher can create a sense of comfort and also make a child feel as if they can engage and dig deeper into the information they may find. I think using the internet creates great options and adventures for children to explore but I also feel it could be maybe be too wide of a range of information and could possibly overwhelm some children.

Teachers do allow support in using this system. They still encourage each child when they achieve their goals. I personally feel I am not prepared or ready to be a teacher of networked students. I would be unsure of how to really connect to each child on a personal level to encourage or praise their talents, interests, and achievements.

Wendy Drexler's Blog, After reading more about her I now strongly admire her desires and passions for wanting to help children K-12 succeed by using online tools. I feel that she has properly planned everything out very well. By incorporating standard curriculum, providing choices for the students, and restricting certain websites to ensure the safety of her students.

I think it is great how Wendy states her awareness of possible issues that will occur. By stating this it shows that she can be open to changes and finding ways to fix and better her ideas! With more instruction and learning on how to use this tool I think I may possibly be able to succeed in teaching while using this.

A 7th grader's Personal Learning Environment or PLN
She has practiced in her 7th grade science class how to use these tools. Every morning in class she can view what needs to be done or has the option to do what she desires to work on. Although this allows freedom and creative learning I feel it might also hold a child back from engaging in social skills.
Although this PLE is great for providing anything and everything you might need by just the click of a mouse, I felt a downfall when she sent her paper to be reviewed by another student through email. I feel that by doing this activity in person face to face it allows a child and even an adult to connect and learn how to deal with fixing mistakes in a social communicating way. I think it is a great idea but I also feel using classroom basics can create just as much interest in a child's learning if the educator is willing to go the extra mile and spice up his/her teaching styles!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project 9a

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Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?
I really enjoyed reading Dr. McLeod's blog post. Although There are many points I strongly agree with him on, there are also points to disagree with as well. I understand his sarcasm and humor being expressed while stating "Don't teach your kids to read and write online." I feel that it is very important for our children to be able to read and write using both pen and paper and online tools. I think both share equal importance. By using the web to learn to read there many fun learning tools which might attract a child's interest in a different light. I feel that books and social networking/ online tools both have evils and bad things, the difference is that it is much easier for a child to access these evils through the internet verses a book. With this being said we must stress, inform, and teach the importance of safety precautions that we must take while exploring and using the internet. Scott McLeod is an associate professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He is the founder of CASTLE which stands for The Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education. He is a man who is a leader in the technological world that we live in today and expresses his interests in doing his work focusing on children K-12.

The iSchool Initiative
Travis Allen is a brilliant young man. His school is experiencing many problems, our public education system needs help and he feels that he may have a solution to fix this problem. By creating the iSchool, the future of American Education parents, teachers, and schools will save money. By doing away with all textbooks, paper, copy machines in a school and using one handheld device to access all information needed. The iTouch provides Apps for all of the tools we use in the classroom now such as, formulas, calculators, graphing calculators, all textbook information the list goes on and on. Travis is saying that our iPhones, iTouch, and iPads provide the same information as textbooks and it is all combined into one small handheld device. This device allows and provides communication with teachers, students, and parents.

This idea of schooling can provide instant access for teachers to their class anywhere at anytime they personally want. There are ways to make the device in which a child uses to do their school work on to limit and personalize website suitable for only educational purposes. After watching this video of course it is an awesome idea which will save everyone a great amount of money, but realistically from personal experience of having technical problems with my computer it is a fact that being able to use textbooks/ pen and paper are always great backup plans. Also, I think it may enable a child to express feelings and emotions by always being on a cell phone or internet device. Having children interact with each other physically and verbally in a classroom environment I feel creates basic social skills that every child should possess. By only using a handheld device it could limit children to only interact with a manmade device verses a human just like them. Seeing Travis as a 17 year old student then hearing him at age 20 share his successes and progress to the iSchool was inspiring. I think he is a positive role model in the eyes of creating a dream and following it.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
In the beginning I was a bit confused, then it all started to make sense. I thought it was amazing how everyone was viewed from home or where ever they personally chose to be and all doing the same task. This video showed that we can stay in sync with each other visually and orally from different locations by using technology. I found it very inspiring and opened my mind to another level of creating and incorporating technology.

Teaching in the 21st Century
I think Kevin Roberts feels that teaching in the 21st century should be more than the basics. That it should be taken to another level and bring in new tools. The reality of it all is that present day and our future we are available to information everywhere. We should teach our youth how to use different sources to learn and gather information instead of just using textbooks. We naturally as adults turn to the internet to seek answers or advice. We should find out and teach our youth the proper way to research information and use technology in more ways other than just asking for tips, answers, or seeking advice. I personally agree with these positions, I think incorporating technology into learning is very important. I also feel that we must remember and use the basic tools as well.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Sentence Movie: Project 6

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After reading this post regarding first grade readers making their own read-along audiobook I felt like it was a great idea! Reading is a skill that everyone uses in their everyday life, enforcing the importance at this age is crucial. Taking the time to record a child can in my opinion increasing learning on many different levels. I think the booklet was a fantastic idea, while listening it allows the students to follow along and not only hear the words but visually learn them as well. In my podcast I think I will incorporate a special sound at the end of each main point to allow those who may have lost their place and give them a chance to catch up and begin the new section with everyone at the same time. Reading her personal thoughts on the children's experiences was awesome, it gave me a chance to hear positive results and feedback from using this tool in the classroom. After listening to "Dinosaurs After Dark", I feel that children have fun recording their selves which encourages them to read with expression and emotion!

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

After viewing this video I realized that podcasting can allow kids to use many of the following tools and skills; following directions, using emotion, and staying focused. I think podcasting is a great tool in the fact that it can be listened to anytime and anywhere for however many times you need to at your own personal pace and time. I realized since I was born technology has been a huge part of our world we are living in. Adding podcasting can help students and teachers in their classrooms. In my podcast I think I will use vodcast, by using a video it can create a better experience for the viewers and understand the material in a different form. Before watching this I did not think about if a student is ill and cannot go to school, this tool can allow the child to stay caught up in their schoolwork and not fall far behind. I feel that podcast can help express creativity and allow students to explore learning in a fun, organized way. I enjoyed hearing the reflections from the students on how they personally feel about using podcast. Receiving feedback from a principals viewpoint was also very helpful, it allowed me to see that students, parents, and teachers all benefit in a positive way from podcast!

The Education Podcast Network

This site really helped me grasp a full understanding of what the podcast network is about and what it has to offer. I realize now that podcast allows a child to create, learn, listen, and be confident while reading aloud. This tool can put all of the skills in which a teacher is trying to provide and instill in his/her students all together in one fun way of learning! When doing my podcast I will explore many other educators podcasts to get examples and open my mind to new thoughts and ideas. I will also incorporate in my podcast my own personal thoughts, feelings, and passions.

Kids love Podcasting

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project 5

Blog Post 3


It's Not About Technology By Kelly Hines:
In this article Kelly Hines focused on the fact of our future, how many people feel that technology is the main essential learning tool. She expresses her feelings that it is an important tool but not the most important tool for educational purposes in a classroom. She explains simple characteristics that educators must possess in order to maintain growth to new learners.
As educators, we must never stop learning. Being in sync with the latest trends, topics, and technology is essential for growth and success in a classroom. Going beyond verbally teaching and allowing a hand on feel to create assurance that each child is fully grasping each lesson being taught. Understanding the new technological tools used to teach can create a whole new world of success for students. If you do not properly understand the purpose of a tool you cannot provide your students with the proper amount of success available.

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher? By Karl Fisch
Karl Fisch created a list stating that there are certain standards to uphold as an educator and realizing that technology is one of them. Understanding that it has been around for a long time and is only growing day by day is a tool we must accept and participate in using. Providing staff with the proper knowledge of how important it truly is can be essential. As educators we must be willing to make an effort and try new things, technology is one of them!

Social Media Count By Gary Hayes
Gary Hayes provides the growing statics of the world of technology. He shows how throughout the year more and more devices are added and created. As a future educator seeing the stats of 107 trillion emails sent during the year 2010 was mind blowing. I feel that this is an essential tool for educators to communicate with their colleagues, State of Education, students, and parents. Seeing the results from the amount of time spent on a computer made me realize the importance of incorporating and understanding the tools technology has to offer in my future classroom.

A Vision of Students Today By Michael Wesch
"If theses walls could talk" was a quote that opened the video, I feel a classroom has so much experience, and holds so much information. I think the walls sometimes wish they could talk, same is said for students. As educators we must listen to what students say. Making a change in the curriculum to educate your students, applying the lesson to help their everyday life could create a huge environment of success in education. Getting students interested and involved and relating the lesson to their lives is key. Realizing that our students need the tools of technology to better their future and applying them is something educators must realize.

C4T Summary 1


In blog post 1 my teacher, John Mikulski gave information on five online tools that many educators are unaware of that can help them succeed in many areas in their classrooms. He shared his personal experience with each of the five online tools and why he felt they are such a great asset to a classroom. He provided in his blog information about Edmodo, BoostCam, Etherpad, Crocodoc, and WallWisher. All of these tools he gave a great explanation and provided proper information to allow the viewer of his post to have the best understanding of each online tool.

In blog post 1 my comment that I left for John Mikulski I shared with him first information of who I am, and that I am currently taking EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I expressed to him how much I enjoyed reading his blog. I shared with him my thoughts of what comes to my mind when the words “online collaboration” is said. I explained to him how I put each tool to use navigating through each personally to gain a full understanding and personal experience of each of the five tools. I gave input on how I feel each of the tools could benefit students and parents in a classroom.

In blog post 2 my teacher, John Mikulski provided tips for how to make a great school year. He provided ten ways in which he felt could allow someone to have a great school year. He shared personal experiences and background knowledge of each of the tips. Mr. Mikulski is a very firm believer in using technology as a tool for success. Using a blog and twitter he feels it can create a positive form of communication between students, colleagues, classmates and parents. He expresses that trying new things can and volunteering can open your eyes and mind to a new level and create growth in your classroom.

In blog post 2 my comment that I left for John Mikulski I expressed my gratitude for him sharing his tips for a successful school year. I will incorporate many of his ideas in my future classroom, some of which being using a blog or a twitter account to communicate with students, classmates, colleagues, and parents. I shared with him my background of never using a blog or twitter account until now being enrolled in EDM310.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post 2


Video #1
Did you know

I found this video to be extremely interesting. It showed the importance of being able to think outside of the box and look at a things in a different perspective. While watching this video I felt shocked and very unaware by some of the facts said about China. Being informed of how much technology is being used and progressing and how little information I actually know and use about technology made many questions arise in my mind. It was mind blowing to me when the fact was stated regarding 31 billion searches on google every month. This fact really hit home to me in how much the world we live in revolves around technology. The thought that the number of text messages received and sent daily over passes the population of the planet gave me chills. Due to technology our world has increased tremendously.

Video #2
Mr. Winkles Wakes

My first thoughts on this video was thinking about our society, yes there are many elder citizens who are not as informed or up to date with technology, but I being only twenty-one years old am in many ways just as technological challenged as a man who has been sleeping for 100 years. I also feel comfort in a classroom, it is the same format of sitting in a desk area quietly, with pen and paper, open ears and minds in an organized setting. Where as new machines and medicines are presented and tested in hospitals everyday. In order for technology to succeed and advance we must use it and test it out. Same rules apply in a classroom, you must use the material in which you learned to succeed and grow. We cannot be close minded to technology or scared to try new things!

Video #3
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

When I sat down to watch this video I first prepared myself because of the length, I quickly found myself not concerned with the time in the slightest bit. I was beyond interested and eager to listen to Ken Robinson speak. Creativity is in everyone and has no limit or guidelines to follow. Creativity and education are both huge parts of our lives. Children, education, and creativity all share equal importance and should be taught with equal importance. Creativity in a classroom allows a child to gain and express personal interest in certain topics.

When Ken Robinson stated that being wrong should not be a fear, I completely agree. We allow mistakes to be in a negative light the older we get when really the mistakes we make are what creates character. After watching this video I sat and thought of many artist like Shakesphere, if he were told to stop creating what would have happened? As educators we should not stop the creative flow of a child at any age. I was extremely interested when he stated dance should be just as important as math. I have never thought about it in the way he explained it until now. Our bodies are just as important as our minds, expressing and being in tune with our bodies is just as important as solving a math equation. Helping a child express their personal creative talents is what being an educator is about. Allowing the child to find their interests, and not categorizing them into certain groups keeping them contained in a way to not be able to create or find their passions.

Video #4
Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson

While watching this video I had to pause it several times because my mind kept thinking in detail to many of Ken Robinson's responses. I also feel that all curriculum should be held at an equal importance level. Creativity is in everyone, everywhere and has the ability to be grow and learn to be more creative.

Video #5
Vicki Davis: Harness your students Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis involves technology in every form to her students which I think is awesome. Allowing kids all ages to learn in ways beyond pen and paper is very important I think. With technology new terms are everywhere making students want to learn the meaning when a new word comes about. Technology allows students all around the world to communicate and share information in which they have researched and learned. Not only are students experiencing things but they are learning as well.

Project Number 2 Wordle