Sunday, September 11, 2011

C4T Summary 1


In blog post 1 my teacher, John Mikulski gave information on five online tools that many educators are unaware of that can help them succeed in many areas in their classrooms. He shared his personal experience with each of the five online tools and why he felt they are such a great asset to a classroom. He provided in his blog information about Edmodo, BoostCam, Etherpad, Crocodoc, and WallWisher. All of these tools he gave a great explanation and provided proper information to allow the viewer of his post to have the best understanding of each online tool.

In blog post 1 my comment that I left for John Mikulski I shared with him first information of who I am, and that I am currently taking EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I expressed to him how much I enjoyed reading his blog. I shared with him my thoughts of what comes to my mind when the words “online collaboration” is said. I explained to him how I put each tool to use navigating through each personally to gain a full understanding and personal experience of each of the five tools. I gave input on how I feel each of the tools could benefit students and parents in a classroom.

In blog post 2 my teacher, John Mikulski provided tips for how to make a great school year. He provided ten ways in which he felt could allow someone to have a great school year. He shared personal experiences and background knowledge of each of the tips. Mr. Mikulski is a very firm believer in using technology as a tool for success. Using a blog and twitter he feels it can create a positive form of communication between students, colleagues, classmates and parents. He expresses that trying new things can and volunteering can open your eyes and mind to a new level and create growth in your classroom.

In blog post 2 my comment that I left for John Mikulski I expressed my gratitude for him sharing his tips for a successful school year. I will incorporate many of his ideas in my future classroom, some of which being using a blog or a twitter account to communicate with students, classmates, colleagues, and parents. I shared with him my background of never using a blog or twitter account until now being enrolled in EDM310.

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