Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post 2


Video #1
Did you know

I found this video to be extremely interesting. It showed the importance of being able to think outside of the box and look at a things in a different perspective. While watching this video I felt shocked and very unaware by some of the facts said about China. Being informed of how much technology is being used and progressing and how little information I actually know and use about technology made many questions arise in my mind. It was mind blowing to me when the fact was stated regarding 31 billion searches on google every month. This fact really hit home to me in how much the world we live in revolves around technology. The thought that the number of text messages received and sent daily over passes the population of the planet gave me chills. Due to technology our world has increased tremendously.

Video #2
Mr. Winkles Wakes

My first thoughts on this video was thinking about our society, yes there are many elder citizens who are not as informed or up to date with technology, but I being only twenty-one years old am in many ways just as technological challenged as a man who has been sleeping for 100 years. I also feel comfort in a classroom, it is the same format of sitting in a desk area quietly, with pen and paper, open ears and minds in an organized setting. Where as new machines and medicines are presented and tested in hospitals everyday. In order for technology to succeed and advance we must use it and test it out. Same rules apply in a classroom, you must use the material in which you learned to succeed and grow. We cannot be close minded to technology or scared to try new things!

Video #3
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

When I sat down to watch this video I first prepared myself because of the length, I quickly found myself not concerned with the time in the slightest bit. I was beyond interested and eager to listen to Ken Robinson speak. Creativity is in everyone and has no limit or guidelines to follow. Creativity and education are both huge parts of our lives. Children, education, and creativity all share equal importance and should be taught with equal importance. Creativity in a classroom allows a child to gain and express personal interest in certain topics.

When Ken Robinson stated that being wrong should not be a fear, I completely agree. We allow mistakes to be in a negative light the older we get when really the mistakes we make are what creates character. After watching this video I sat and thought of many artist like Shakesphere, if he were told to stop creating what would have happened? As educators we should not stop the creative flow of a child at any age. I was extremely interested when he stated dance should be just as important as math. I have never thought about it in the way he explained it until now. Our bodies are just as important as our minds, expressing and being in tune with our bodies is just as important as solving a math equation. Helping a child express their personal creative talents is what being an educator is about. Allowing the child to find their interests, and not categorizing them into certain groups keeping them contained in a way to not be able to create or find their passions.

Video #4
Cecelia Gault Interviews Sir Ken Robinson

While watching this video I had to pause it several times because my mind kept thinking in detail to many of Ken Robinson's responses. I also feel that all curriculum should be held at an equal importance level. Creativity is in everyone, everywhere and has the ability to be grow and learn to be more creative.

Video #5
Vicki Davis: Harness your students Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis involves technology in every form to her students which I think is awesome. Allowing kids all ages to learn in ways beyond pen and paper is very important I think. With technology new terms are everywhere making students want to learn the meaning when a new word comes about. Technology allows students all around the world to communicate and share information in which they have researched and learned. Not only are students experiencing things but they are learning as well.


  1. Good job summarizing these videos.
    However, I think that you need to re-watch the Mr. Winkle Wakes video and evaluate your thoughts again.
    The idea presented was not supposed to be one in which you found common ground with Mr. Winkle, so, please try again.

  2. Hey Hunter! I enjoyed reading your Blog Post #2. I also found the Did You Know video very interesting and I too felt shocked and very unaware about all of the facts said about China. This video made me realize how much our world depends on technology and how much technology is growing.
    I like what you had to say about Mr. Winkle Wakes. To me, this video showed how much technology has changed over the years. I also found it comforting that the classroom had not changed. I feel that if there is to much technology in the classroom than it can take away from learning.
    I agree with everything you say about video #3. I loved how you stated that the mistakes we make are what creates character. I think that is very true and you said that very well. I think that creativity is very important that students should be encouraged every day to be creative. There are many student’s who would love to use their creativity as a career, but in today’s society everyone needs a degree to be successful. As teachers we should encourage our students to be creative and never lose sight of their dreams.
    I would like to hear more of what your thoughts are on the Cecelia Gault interview. In regards to the three myths of creativity, I agreed with Sir Ken Robinson. Everyone is creative in their own way and that different interests can spark different types of creativity. In this interview Robinson states that he thinks that computers should be at the center of education. I disagree with him. I think that computers are very useful and can be of great help however, I think that to much use of computers can take away from the learning experience.
    I liked what you had to say about Vicki Davis and her classroom. I also think that allowing kids of all ages to learn in ways beyond pen and paper is very important. However, I was very unsure of what Vicki Davis was actually teaching. Her class is helpful but I don't think that it is vital to education.
    I enjoyed reading your blog and everything that you had to say!