Sunday, September 18, 2011

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After reading this post regarding first grade readers making their own read-along audiobook I felt like it was a great idea! Reading is a skill that everyone uses in their everyday life, enforcing the importance at this age is crucial. Taking the time to record a child can in my opinion increasing learning on many different levels. I think the booklet was a fantastic idea, while listening it allows the students to follow along and not only hear the words but visually learn them as well. In my podcast I think I will incorporate a special sound at the end of each main point to allow those who may have lost their place and give them a chance to catch up and begin the new section with everyone at the same time. Reading her personal thoughts on the children's experiences was awesome, it gave me a chance to hear positive results and feedback from using this tool in the classroom. After listening to "Dinosaurs After Dark", I feel that children have fun recording their selves which encourages them to read with expression and emotion!

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

After viewing this video I realized that podcasting can allow kids to use many of the following tools and skills; following directions, using emotion, and staying focused. I think podcasting is a great tool in the fact that it can be listened to anytime and anywhere for however many times you need to at your own personal pace and time. I realized since I was born technology has been a huge part of our world we are living in. Adding podcasting can help students and teachers in their classrooms. In my podcast I think I will use vodcast, by using a video it can create a better experience for the viewers and understand the material in a different form. Before watching this I did not think about if a student is ill and cannot go to school, this tool can allow the child to stay caught up in their schoolwork and not fall far behind. I feel that podcast can help express creativity and allow students to explore learning in a fun, organized way. I enjoyed hearing the reflections from the students on how they personally feel about using podcast. Receiving feedback from a principals viewpoint was also very helpful, it allowed me to see that students, parents, and teachers all benefit in a positive way from podcast!

The Education Podcast Network

This site really helped me grasp a full understanding of what the podcast network is about and what it has to offer. I realize now that podcast allows a child to create, learn, listen, and be confident while reading aloud. This tool can put all of the skills in which a teacher is trying to provide and instill in his/her students all together in one fun way of learning! When doing my podcast I will explore many other educators podcasts to get examples and open my mind to new thoughts and ideas. I will also incorporate in my podcast my own personal thoughts, feelings, and passions.

Kids love Podcasting

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  1. Well done. Thorough. Thoughtful. Your comments indicate these assignments helped prepare you for your podcast.