Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4K Summary

Kids learn from each other

C4K #9: I was assigned to a young boy named Mike's page. Mike was much older than all of the other students I have previously been assigned to. He is very smart. Mike explained and expressed the importance in which he felt in finding which learning style works best for you personally. I truly enjoyed reading Mike's blog post and exploring his page. He is a very intelligent young man!

C4K #10: Viewing Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog was truly inspiring. She has great ideas and ways to address information to her students and their parents in a fun and interesting way. She keeps her blog up to date with relevant and important information for all viewers. My assigned post for this week was awesome. I got to learn about Mathletics. It is a fantastic activity for students to participate in. This tool helps children learn the material being taught in a fun, exciting way. It also teaches social communication skills between students and adults.

C4K #11: For this assignment I viewed Nathan's blog from the 5th grade. Nathan expressed his feelings very in detail of how much he enjoyed his teachers participating and dressing up for the Immersion Assembly. I expressed to him how great I also feel it is to hear about his teachers taking such joy and excitement to the assembly and participating. Nathan's blog made me realize as a future educator, I must be excited about my lessons in which I am teaching in order to gain my students interest. Nathan also had a project about while learning the planets someone made up a rap to add a fun twist to the learning experience. I learned a lot from Nathan's blog post.

Children help us learn

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