Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4T Summary

Teachers touch lives

In my first assignment I viewed Jenny Luca's blog post Talking plagiarism with students I felt while reading this post I was not only learning but I found myself agreeing with all of the thoughts being expressed. Providing students with the knowledge before giving them an assignment I feel can reduce the likelihood of plagiarism taking place. In this post the importance of teaching a child ethical behavior is discussed, I feel that this is a quality all children should possess and be informed about. Ethical behavior not only helps a child succeed in the classroom but also in the outside world of everyday life. I was very glad I explored this page and found this post, I was extremely interested in all of the topics being discussed.

My second post Is community the new business model? I strongly enjoyed learing about Jenny Luca's views on this topic. The impact of social media on businesses today is very interesting to me. I was very bummed that I could not view Jenny Luca's actual presentation, but reading about her feelings was almost just as good. I agree with her thoughts of educators not only reacting to student's lives inside the classroom but outside as well. Jenny Luca inspired me in more ways than one in my future career as an educator. I will keep up with her blog and read many of her posts.

Teaching is a gift

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