Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Post 12


In this assignment we were suppose to create a blog post activity. In my activity students will view this Dr. Seuss YouTube video "The Sneetches" on diversity. After viewing the clip students will write an essay explaining the importance and what diversity means to them. They will also explain how it is shown in this Dr. Seuss video.

My essay:
Diversity to me is being different, unique, and yourself. It is about being true to what you personally believe in and stand for. I feel that it is extremely important to explain diversity to Elementary students while they are young. Providing children with the ideas of not everyone is the same at a young age I feel can help them learn and grow inside and outside of the classroom. Accepting and understanding diversity allows a child to be able to express their creative side without being ashamed or embarrassed to stand out and be different. This understanding can help children learn from each other with an open mind. If we as educators express and stress the positive sides to being diverse I feel that we can achieve greatness not only during a chills young stages of life but better their future as well. In this clip Dr. Seuss is expressing diversity by using the sneetches with green stars on their bellies. All of the sneetches at first thought only the best sneetches had green stars on their bellies, the ones without the stars were simply not as great. When an opportunity arose providing a chance for all sneetches to have a green star on their bellies everyone jumped to the idea at once. All of the sneetches went round and round, back and forth to having green stars and to not having green stars when they finally realized it was all so silly. The reality set in that being different is best, being all alike does not make perfection. Being able to stand out and be unique is what life is about what makes the world go around. We must encourage and support each other for our different talents, interests, and abilities and not be close minded but accept each other for who we truly are.

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