Thursday, November 3, 2011

C4K Summary

Kids love to play

I was assigned to view Kristina's page. She and I had a lot in common. In Kristina's post she shared with her viewers her nickname, who her best friend is, her birthday, and her dream. I was very interested in Kina's dream to becoming a fashion designer, I once shared this same passion. I feel that this is a great career path for someone to express creativity and personality. I think Kristina has fantastic goals and has a very bright future ahead of her!

Alvin was another student whom I was assigned to view his blog. I shared with Alvin our National bird and symbol for the United States of America which is the bald eagle. Alvin had a very cool dragon in which he created on his page who talks and gives information about Alvin himself!

I was next assigned to Raymond. Raymond is a very intelligent young man. He provided very detailed information in his post and incorporated an image of the periodic table focusing on the important parts of the carbon tile. I enjoyed Raymond's page he made learning about the periodic table fun and easy.

I then randomly chose to view Emily's page. She had a widget named "Poe" the Panda Bear. This image immediately grabbed my eye, my sorority mascot is the Panda Bear. I shared with Emily my thoughts and feelings on using experiments in the classroom. I expressed to her how I feel that experiments are very helpful and make learning fun and sometimes easy to understand the topic being taught.

I next viewed Ty, Hailee, Payton, and Cole's posts in which they created their own animals! This blog post was definitely one of my favorites to view. I loved reading and imagining each of their animals in which they created. Ty created a "Choth", Haliee created a "Giraphant", Payton created a "Catdacke", and Cole created a "Chipliz". Each of these students used their imagination in the best ways possible. They provided full descriptions of what their animal eats and enjoys to do. I was beyond impressed by their ability to be creative and use their own ideas!

My next page assigned was extremely interesting. Maroroa spoke about the Cooks Islands, a place in which I had never heard of! The Cooks Islands flag is awesome. Learning about their relationship with New Zealand was very interesting. After viewing this page Cooks Islands has definitely been added to my list of places to one day travel to.

My last student I was assigned to was Mike. Mike is much older than all of my other students in which I was been assigned to. He was a very intelligent, smart young man. He explained and expressed the importance he felt of finding which learning style works best for you personally. He then explains the importance of applying the learning style which works best for you to your school work in order to better understand the material being taught!

Children love to learn

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  1. Hunter, my last C4K student was also older, he posted about not stressing over homework. I found his post really helpful even though he was younger than me.In EDM310 it becomes easy to get stressed over the homework:) It looks like you really enjoyed commenting on the students posts! Keep up the good work!