Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K #10

Blogging is fun

After viewing Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog I must say I was beyond impressed. I admire her tribute in which she posted in honor of Veteran's Day. I feel that Veteran's Day is one, if not the most important days out of a year in which we recognize and honor our troops and Veterans. Providing children with a full understanding such as the video clip in which Mrs. Yollis posted on her blog allows children to see all of the great things our armed forces do. As educators we must open the mind to our students and give them the tools and information necessary to knowing about days such as Veteran's Day. I feel as if this blog is used to share information of all kinds providing great details. It is updated very frequent and adequately. I feel students are involved by being assigned projects similar to the way we do in EDM310. This blog is very much connected and shared with many other classroom students and educators which I feel is awesome. Parents are involved because they are able to access from home or anywhere on their computer the material in which their child is learning. This blog keeps in contact through skype and blog posts with students and teachers around the world. Mrs. Yollis posts in detail the material in which she is teaching in each subject. She is very proud of her students accomplishments in the classroom and wants to share their knowledge and success to the world. I very much admire Mrs. Yollis.

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  1. Hi Hunter,
    I also enjoyed looking at Mrs. Yollis' class blog. I liked the way she had it set up to help students learn things such as digital photography. It gave me many ideas for my future class blog. Great post!