Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Randy Pausch's Last Lecture"
Before I began watching this lecture I must admit I was a bit nervous about the time limit of viewing it for an hour. After viewing this lecture I can now admit that I did not even look at the time and minutes remaining once. I found this lecture extremely interesting and inspiring. I found it to be interesting knowing his health situation is beyond inspiring. He gave me a feeling that nothing is impossible. As as a child he was a very happy young boy, who had dreams that most young boys share.

Experience is what you get what when you don't get what you wanted. Having experience is key to learning and growing. We learn through indirect learning, we want our kids to learn the details to the main task. By convincing people sometimes it works best to show them. The Aladdin project is what changed Randy, opening his eyes into situations with real people and putting artist and engineers together.

He created building virtual worlds, he wants to take your childhood dreams and find a way to make them come to life. Sharing what you know can be a great success for not only you but others as well. It can create excitement and eagerness to learn! Putting everyone together, not separating can create an amazing positive atmosphere with great results.

Being able to put on a show, creates excitment, involving the audience really attracts all viewers. Fulfilling dreams is an amazing thing to aspire to do. It is okay to do things differently than others. Finding what works best for you is key. I truly enjoyed viewing Randy Pausch's lecture, I feel that I have gained inspiration to follow my dreams and help my future students follow and achieve theirs as well!

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  1. Hunter,

    Very well done! Randy's skillful incorporation of many people's skill sets is what set his animation department apart! He definitely knew how to get students interested in learning, so we need to follow his example!

    Well done,

    Rebekah Lloyd