Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post 8

Kids love technology
This is How we Dream Parts 1 and 2 By: Richard Miller, After watching this video I have a different view of dreams. I was not sure what to expect before viewing this video but I will say I was very pleased after watching it. I enjoyed it very much. I think it is a very important time to engage in the tools provided to communicate globally like Dr. Miller states. Although we do carry around our laptops and use the word documents to type, I feel that we must still keep and enforce the importance of using pen and paper. The internet provides us with amazing facts instantly at the click of a mouse, and can be saved and stored forever while paper copies are often easily misplaced or thrown out. I feel that this is true but with proper organization we can save our copies.
I feel that I am prepared somewhat to write with multimedia but I also stand strong to using the basics as well. The web can provide us with fast information and I think it is amazing. I of course will embrace this tool and use it but as a future educator I also want my students to have the knowledge and ability to search for information through a library on their own.
I think my students will be able to do this, slowly they will gain knowledge on it. I think it will take time for them to be able to search while learning and stay on task of their assignment verses searching for pleasure. I want to encourage and support my students with information of how to use this while still providing them with the knowledge of using the basic research searching tools in a library.

Blog Post 12 by Carly Pugh
I really enjoyed Carly Pugh's blog post. This post allowed her to truly let everyone see her creative mind! By creating an assignment of ten videos using YouTube creating what kind of teacher she wants to be, which is an inspiring teacher. Carly adds several clips from YouTube that are examples of the way she feels towards specific topics. I think she fulfill Dr. Miller's hopes for writing in multimedia, she incorporates so much from the internet as her examples. By doing this she is portraying a sense that the web offers fun, different ways to get your teaching points across to your viewers. I must say I agree with Carly's closing thoughts of videos. I also feel that they provide a fun learning tool for students and adults. I have enjoyed doing many projects preparing myself as a future educator.

The Chipper's Series and
EDM310 for Dummies
Ideas for videos I would like to create are videos that can help students or viewers better understand an assignment or lesson. Giving them better ideas to go off of before starting a lesson. The primary message of Chipper is to not put things off until the last minute, to be on top of things, not waiting until the very last second of a deadline date. Everyone has a busy schedule but finding ways to keep it all in order without being on crunch time. We must be ready to learn and be willing to put the time into it all. You cannot put a time limit on it, to learn you must be ready in the beginning to put whatever it takes into learning.
In EDM310 for Dummies it is showing that this class can be frustrating. We must be patient and ask for help or use the tools provided to seek answers. Following the directions given will allow you to actually be able to learn from the assignment given. This class can be great by staying focused and on task.

Learn to change, Change to Learn
I feel education should be just as affective for children as the outside sources are. Children learn outside of the classroom through the tools they use in technology. As educators we should recognize and incorporate the tools that interest kids into our classrooms. This could create a positive learning environment for learning. I agree with this video, students learn everywhere all day. By using outside forces in the classroom it can open doors and minds to great new things! This video is an awesome video for an impact on educators! Thank you Christie for finding and sharing this with everyone.

YouTube learning

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  1. Good job. Do you honestly "agree" with all the assignments? It seems this week's assignments were all-time favorites with the majority of the posts I've read.