Sunday, October 9, 2011

C4T Summary 2

YouTube Teachers

YouTube for Teachers
In this blog post Doug Peterson shares his thoughts and feelings on the importance of incorporating YouTube into the classroom. He gives a very helpful clip showing a presentation on a science experiment. He provides information to everyone that YouTube is actually blocked from many school districts computers. Many people feel that it is a distraction or causes problems in a classroom, and that it is something that is not needed. Doug shares that it is in fact a great learning tool to get students attention by viewing an interesting, exciting clip before learning out of a textbook. He shares a clip on how to teach a class how to use the technique of bubble sorting. By sharing this clip with students they may be able to understand the concept as a whole much better.

In my response to Doug I shared with him my feelings of importance in using YouTube in a classroom as well. I completely agree with Mr. Peterson on this topic. I personally have used YouTube throughout my career as a student not only in college but in middle school and high school as well. I shared with him how I have used YouTube clips in many of my powerpoint presentations over the past few years. I also told him I have ideas as a future educator of using certain Dr. Suess clips, or anything that involves the topic in which I am about to start teaching. I feel that beginning a lesson with a YouTube clip pertaining to the topic, can open a fun, positive, learning environment for your classroom.

OTR Links
In this post Doug Peterson is sharing with everyone a networking community involving information about education. It is a site in which you can share ideas, knowledge, questions, and basically any thoughts on education with other members sharing the same interest as you! This tool allows educators to provide helpful tips to others and also find ways to better their personal technology needs. This site has topics already being discussed, you click on them and can view the discussions taking place. In each topic you can comment, or if you would like to start a new topic you can make a new comment for others to view and communicate on!

In my response to Doug, I felt that this could be a very helpful guiding tool for myself personally as a future educator. I feel that I am always searching for answers or help with extra information on many topics in which I am learning or exploring. I feel that this is a very positive tool allowing learners to navigate their way to seeking their questions or opening a new idea to everyone to think about and discuss. I feel that it not only creates answers but it also allows your mind to keep exploring new tasks!

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