Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K Summary

Kids learning

My first child I was assigned to was Ilaivana, in her blog post she was explaining how well her schools team finished in competing in the New Zealand Aims Tournament by the Rugby 7s team. I shared with her my personal thoughts of not knowing what this tournament actually was until reading her entire post. I truly feel that it was a great activity for her school to compete in and would also be great for other children at other schools as well. This tournament was a week long event, I feel that participating in an event such as this one can help kids learn the importance of working together as a team when necessary. I shared with her how I feel that it is an awesome accomplishment for her school to have traveled and defeated everyone by winning all 12 games and bringing home the winning cup.
My second child I was assigned to was a little boy named Damien. Damien is a very talented young man, he provided his readers with that statement in the beginning of his post and I must say I strongly agree with him. Damien and his classmates created a video for the MTV Challenge. I was very impressed and amazed with the quality and amount of technology applied in these students video. It was shear entertainment and beyond enjoying to view. The choice of music in which Damien and his classmates chose to use was great, it created a positive, upbeat level of energy for the viewers and the performers. They showed the different ways to "jump" changing background sceneries, using different people, and creating illusions with the camera. These students truly did a fantastic job with creating this activity.
My third student I was assigned to was a little bog named Byron. I truly enjoyed reading Byron's blog. Byron and his classmates went the extra mile while doing assignments and took the time to look inside themselves for answers. I strongly feel, and I also expressed this to Byron, that if more people took the time to do this the world would be a much better place. Byron did a project in which he and his classmates has to describe themselves with as many different words you can think of. I personally feel that this activity is brilliant, it creates a positive environment and helps increase self esteem. I truly was engaged and interested in learning and reading all of my assigned students blogs and posts. I feel that by doing activities such as these helps me as a future educator see that children really enjoy certain exercises, if it works find other activities similar to the ones in which the majority of your students excelled in!

Students learning


  1. Hunter,

    I can definitely tell that you are getting the most out of this assignment! Keep up the good work!



  2. Hunter,

    Check the end of your post. It seems like it was cut off!

  3. Hunter,

    Great post on your C4K post one! I like the way you shared your own thoughts about the kid's blog. I, too, and impressed with the ability of these young students. They really seem to grasp blogging quickly and most do a fantastic job.

    I concur with Rebecca, it looks like some of your comments may have gotten cut off at the end. You might want to check it out!

    Again, fantastic job!