Wednesday, October 26, 2011

C4T #3 Summary

Kid's love to learn

Jen Deyenberg's Trails Optional I explored the post Biodiversity in Antarctica- Wikis, Webs, and Penguins! in this post Deyenberg is stating the importance of exploring the ecosystem and finding places in which not many people know about. While exploring these sites using Wikis and the Web kids can learn interesting facts while keeping their information in an organized fashion to go back to for later reference. Jen did an example by exploring Antarctica, he used pictures, information on food webs, and much more. His point was to express the value of using the internet to research information creating a fun and exciting way.

In my response to Biodiversity in Antarctica- Wikis, Webs, and Penguins! I expressed my interest in learning about using Wikis to explore new areas of the ecosystem. I feel that this would be a great activity to incorporate into my future classroom. I explained how I think it would be very exciting for students to explore places in which they do not usually hear or think about it. I feel that this activity and tool can open students minds to another area of learning, giving them the desire to engage into more areas of learning. I feel that using Wikis and the Web is an easy and very helpful tool!

In Jen Deyenberg's post Wikis, Tagxedo and Science- A Forest of Words! he was sharing with us a tool to help children learn more about words and shapes. Tagxedo is a tool like Wordle, it makes shapes of words. You can organize your words into any type of shape such as; clouds, trees, cars, etc. This tool is a fun way for children to learn. It helps express creativity and engages students into social learning. It allows children to share their creativity with their classmates learning how to communicate and learn from each others experiences of creating their own Tagxedo.

In my response to Wikis, Tagxedo and Science- A Forest of Words! I expressed my interest in learning about this tool. I provided Jen with the information in our previous assignment of Wordle and how much I enjoyed participating in this activity. Learning about Tagexdo was something I found very helpful and beneficial. I feel that this activity will help keep students focused, excited, and interested in learning new things. Allowing your students to create their own Tagexdo and post to their personal blog I feel is a great assignment and one that I will keep in mind to use for my future classroom. This project allows students to learn the words and use their creative side while sharing and learning from other classmates creations! I enjoyed viewing and learning from this blog post, I feel it was very helpful and interesting!

Words are everywhere

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  1. Good job. Wikis are really helpful when you get the hang of them!